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Welcome Letters

Dear Colleagues,

It is my great honor and pleasure to welcome you to Ankara for the 16th Congress of the Middle East Society for Organ Transplantation.

2018 will be the 10th Anniversary of the Declaration of Istanbul Summit, which took place in Istanbul in April 2008. Over the past decade many important steps have been taken, but more needs to be done to combat organ trafficking. As such, the theme of this congress will be “Enhancing deceased organ donation and ensuring legal and ethical transplantation.”

As is the custom, the meeting is designed to provide an innovative and comprehensive overview of the latest research developments in the field of experimental and clinical tissue and organ transplantation. Organ and tissue transplantation in the Middle East has reached new heights and the expansion of fields and transplant activities in our region is very encouraging. With invited speakers from among the most distinguished of the MESOT region and beyond, I believe this will be an excellent opportunity for both younger members of the profession and distinguished faculty from the world over to partake in intellectual exchange, share experiences and present their work.

In addition to the scientific and sporting events, an enjoyable social program awaits you in Ankara, where you will experience Turkish hospitality at its best.

Mehmet HABERAL MD, FACS (Hon), FICS, (Hon),

FASA (Hon)

Chair, 16th Congress of the Middle East Society for Organ Transplantation

Founder and Past President, Middle East Society for Organ Transplantation

President-Elect, The Transplantation Society

Founder and President, Turkish Transplantation Society

Founder and President, Turkic World Transplantation Society

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It gives me great honor and privilege to welcome you to the 16th Congress of the Middle East Society for Organ Transplantation in Ankara on 5 - 7 September, 2018.

MESOT strives to become more innovative in its operations by introducing cutting edge communication tools to better serve its mission and original charter. Transplantation activities in MESOT countries are growing daily and the quality of the medical and surgical treatment provided for the patients is on par with the most developed countries in the world.

Efforts are underway for the planning of the 2018 MESOT Congress. We have brought a high-profile Scientific Program Committee to develop an exciting agenda with a wide range of topics to interest everyone and we hope to build upon the success of previous MESOT meetings to bring this congress to a new height.

We look forward to welcoming you in 2018 to what will be a memorable Congress and to enjoy much more that Ankara has to offer. Ankara’s hospitality and a unique blend of traditional Turkey life awaits you.

With warm regards,

Bassam Saeed, MD, FRCP (Hon), DIS, DIU,

President, Middle East Society for Organ Transplantation

President, Farah Association for Child with Kidney Disease in Syria

Chair, Pediatric Nephrology Fellowship Program in Syria

Executive Committee of The Middle East Society

for Organ Transplantation 


Bassam Saeed (Syria)


Refaat Kamel (Egypt)


Mehmet Haberal (Turkey)

Immediate past president

Mohammad Ghnaimat (Jordan)

Vice President

Hassan Argani (Iran)


B. Handan Ozdemir (Turkey)



Yousuf Al Maslamani (Qatar)

Saudi Arabia & Gulf States Representative

Mohammed Alsageer (KSA)

Saudi Arabia & Gulf States Representative

Ali Bahador (Iran)

Iran Representative

Ibrahim Barghouth (Syria)

Eastern Mediterranean Representative

Aydin Dalgic (Turkey)

Turkey Representative

Mohamed Hani Hafez (Egypt)

North Africa Representative

Altaf Hashmi (Pakistan)

Mid Asia Representative

Hikmet Ismayilov (Azerbaijan)

Mid Asia Representative

Iqdam K. Shakir (Iraq) 

Iraq Representative

Abdulhafid Shebani (Libya)

North Africa Representative

Mohamed Wehbi (Lebanon)

Eastern Mediterranean Representative 

MESOT Presidents

Mehmet A. Haberal, MD

(1988-1990) Turkey

George M. Abouna MD

(1990-1992) Kuwait

Iradj Fazel MD, FACS

(1992-1994) Iran

Aziz EI-Matri MD

(1994-1996) Tunisia

Nevzat Bilgin MD

(1996-1998) Turkey

Ahad Ghods MD, FACP

(1998-2000) Iran

Adibul Hasan Rizvi, MD

(2000-2002) Pakistan

Antoine Stephan, MD

(2002-2004) Lebanon

Faissal A. M. Shaheen, MD

(2004-2006) Saudi Arabia

Mustafa Al Mousawi, MD

(2006-2008) Kuwait

S. Anwar Naqvi, MD

(2008-2010) Pakistan

Marwan Masri, MD

(2010-2012) Lebanon

S. Ali Malek-Hosseini, MD

(2012-2014) Iran

Mehmet Haberal, MD

(2014-2016) Turkey

Bassam Saeed, MD

(2016-2018) Syria

Refaat Kamel, MD (President Elect)

(2018-2020) Egypt

Scientific Committee


Mehmet Haberal

Bassam Saeed

S. Ali Malek-Hosseini

Nancy Ascher



Mustafa Al-Mousawi

Faissal Shaheen

Jeremy Chapman

Antoine Barbari


Yousuf Al Maslamani 

M. Adel Bakr

Ibrahim Barghouth

Esra Baskın

Marcelo Cantarovich

Uluğ Eldegez

Riadh Fadhil

Mohamed Ghnaimat

Mohamed Hani Hafez

Nadey Hakim

Altaf Hashmi

Hikmet Ismayilov 

Josep Lloveras

Elmi Muller

Anwar Naqvi

Aytül Noyan

Iqdam K. Shakir 

Abdulhafid Shebani

Nasser Simforoosh

Aydın Türkmen

Adam Uslu

Mohamed Wehbi

Feza Yarbuğ Karakayalı

Sedat Yıldırım




Adibul Rizvi

Ronald Busuttil

Refaat Kamel


Mohammed AlSaghier

Ali Bahador

Sedat Boyacıoğlu

Fatih Boyvat

Abdel-Hadi Breizat

Dieter Broering

Ronald Busuttil

Aydın Dalgıç

Şükrü Emre

John Fung

Ahmet Gürakar

Fatih Hilmioğlu

Gökhan Moray

Figen Özçay

Birol Özer

K. Yalçın Polat

Haldun Selçuk

Hasan Yersiz

Sezai Yılmaz

Other Transplants & ICU, Immunology, Infection, Pathology


Marwan Masri

Hassan Argani

Philip O’Connell

Francis Delmonico



Hande Arslan

Sait Aşlamacı

Bilkay Baştürk

Behrooz Broumand

Mahmut Çarin

Ali İnal

Sema Karakuş

Nabil Mohsin

Handan Özdemir

Hakan Özdoğu

Atilla Sezgin

Hans Sollinger

Antoine Stephan

Akın Tekin

Annika Tibell

Stefan Tullius

Gürsel Yılmaz

Guest Speakers

Atsushi Aikawa (Japan)

Mustafa Al-Mousawi (Kuwait)

Nancy Ascher (USA)

Medhat Askar (USA)

Alireza Bagheri (Iran)

Sola Aoun Bahous (Lebanon)

M. Adel Bakr (Egypt)

Antoine Barbari (Lebanon)

Abdel-Hadi Breizat (Jordan)

Christoph Broelsch (Germany)

Dieter Broering (KSA)

Ronald Busuttil (USA)

Marcelo Cantarovich (Canada)

Bernard Cohen (Netherlands)

Francis Delmonico (USA)

Jean-Michel Dubernard (France)

Aziz El-Matri (Tunisia)

Sukru Emre (USA)

Riadh Fadhil (Qatar)

John Fung (USA)

Ahad Ghods (Iran)

Ahmet Gurakar (USA)

Nadey Hakim (UK)

Maria Koulmanda (USA)

Augusto Lauro (Italy)

Josep Lloveras (Spain)

S. Ali Malek-Hosseini (Iran)

Marti Manyalich (Spain)

Raimund Margreiter (Austria)

Ignazio Marino (USA)

Marwan Masri (Lebanon)

Elmi Muller (South Africa)

Anwar Naqvi (Pakistan)

Philip O’Connell (Australia)

Gloria Paez (Spain)

John Renz (USA)

Adibul Rizvi (Pakistan)

John Roberts (USA)

Faissal Shaheen (KSA)

Nasser Simforoosh (Iran)

Hans Sollinger (USA)

Antoine Stephan (Lebanon)

Caner Susal (Germany)

Akin Tekin (USA)

Annika Tibell (Sweden)

Stefan Tullius (USA)

Magdi Yaqoob (UK)

Hasan Yersiz (USA)

Main Topics

I. Transplantation

  • Liver (Living- And Deceased-Donor)

a. Adult and Pediatric Transplants

b. Immunosuppression

c. Surgical Complications

d. Medical Complications

e. Liver Transplantation For Hepatitis B and C

f.  Surgical Innovations

g. Transplantation for Liver Malignancies

h. Acute Liver Failure and Artificial Liver Support

  • Kidney (Living- And Deceased-Donor)

a. Adult and Pediatric Transplants

b. Immunosuppression

c. Surgical Complications

d. Medical Complications

e. Hyper-Sensitization

  • Heart, Lung And Heart-Lung

a. Adult and Pediatric Transplants

b. Immunosuppression

c. Surgical Complications

d. Medical Complications

e. Bridge for Transplantation

  • Pancreas, Islet And Intestine
  • ABO Incompatible Transplantation
  • Cornea
  • Bone Marrow
  • Vascular Composite Allografts

II. Immunology, Immunobiology and Genetics

  • Stem Cell
  • Tissue Typing
  • Rejection
  • Immune-Tolerance

III. Organ Procurement, Preservation and Donation

  • ICU Criteria for Donor Preparation
  • Ethics and Organ Sharing
  • Legislation
  • Cultural and Religious Considerations and Barriers


IV. Registry

V. Economic, Political and Psychosocial Issues in VI. Transplantation 

MESOT Program at A Glance

Registration Fees

* For details please visit "Registration" menu.

Supported by

The Transplantation Society (TTS)

Turkish Transplantation Society (TOND)

Turkic World Transplantation Society (TDTD)

Başkent University

World Academy of Medical, Biomedical and Ethical Sciences (WAMBES)

Haberal Education Foundation (HEV)

Turkish Transplantation and Burn Foundation

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